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  • Dr. Jennifer Dustow - Researcher at CRC | CNLU, Patna

    Dr. JENNIFER DUSTOW Researcher Dr. Jennifer Dustow has focused on helping others since 2000. Whether as a counselor at Ho`okupono Adolescent Day Treatment Program working with students medically classified with attention deficient hyperactive disorder (ADHD), or as a volunteer for the Suicide & Crisis Center communicating direct steps to remove an individual from a potentially deadly consequence, Dustow has found helping others in need makes her heart sing. ​ Equipped with a Doctoral of Education – Educational Leadership from Argosy University, she is now intently focused on mainstreaming children suffering from autism into productive educational situations. Also a certified cognitive-behavioral learning specialist, Dustow has spent the last five years working one on one with children diagnosed under the Autism Spectrum. ​ As owner of Cornerstone Educational Preschool, she directs the preschool’s programs targeting children with autism. Dustow also holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Management, Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a focus on child development and family counseling. ​ “It’s critical to work with children with autism between the ages of three and five, before the behavior has taken root in the child, potentially affecting both the child and family permanently,” said Dr. Dustow. “Our program addresses the three areas of development affected by autism: communication, social interaction, and creative or imaginative play.” ​ Conducting the largest and only study of its kind, her work – “Bilateral Exercises that Cross the Midline Decrease Off Task Behavior in Preschool Special Needs Children on the Island of O‘ahu” (Pilot Research Project for Dissertation Topic) – was published by the Brain Gym International (Journal, March 2007, Volume XXI, Number 1) The Educational Kinesiology Foundation in March 2007. Dr. Dustow is also the author of “Groundbreaking Research in the Field of Autism”. ​ Already adept at applying child centered learning successfully with preschool and school aged children, most of which are now enrolled in some of the most prestigious private schools in Hawai‘i, Dustow hopes to open additional classrooms throughout Hawai‘i to address and overcome the special learning needs of children with autism.

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    Our Team CONVENOR Hon'ble Justice Mrs. Mridula Mishra Vice-chancellor, Chanakya National Law University, Patna CO-CONVENOR Mr. Manoranjan Prasad Srivastava Registrar, Chanakya National Law University, Patna Dr. Aman Kumar Centre Coordinator Mr. Chandan Kumar Sinha Programme Coordinator Dr. Fr. Peter Ladis F. Training & Course Coordinator Mrs. Sugandha Sinha Research Coordinator Ms. Preety Anand Advocacy/ Outreach Coordinator STUDENT COMMITTEE Shreya Sinha Student Coordinator cum Senior Editor Anupama Soumya Student Coordinator cum Member Secretary (Editorial Board) Ankita Roy Editor Nidhi Prakriti Editor Srishti Sarraf Editor Prince Raj Member Secretary (Event Management) Ameya Priya Member (Event Management) Shikha Sharma Member (Event Management) Himanshu Raj Member Secretary (Publicity & Public Relations/ Website/Internet Communications) Ayush Kumar Public Relation Ambassador Aditi Banerjee Member (Publicity & Public Relations/ Website/Internet Communications) Jagriti Pandey Member Secretary (Research Cell) Jyotshna Yashashwi Member (Research Cell) Anushka Gupta Member (Research Cell) Hritika Jain Member (Research Cell) Kushagra Kundan Member (Research Cell) Kaushiki Sharma Volunteer Chitragupta Sharan Volunteer

  • Nky Okechukwu - Researcher at CRC | CNLU Patna

    Nky Okechukwu Researcher About Christ Foundation (Giving hope to the disabled) ​ Christ foundation for the Disabled is a charity organization instituted in 2007 and became formally registered on the 11th of October 2018. This organization was founded and registered as an NGO which provides a community-based program for the physically challenged adults and children, who were neglected we empower the poor, needy, homeless and refugees.,please DM us for support and donations on this number +2348060570146. Websites( ) Our Blog ( Email: ( ) Facebook ( ) Instagram ( Twitter ( YouTube ( LinkedIn profile: My LinkedIn profile:

  • Katerina Mplempa - Research Assistant at CRC | CNLU

    KATERINA MPELMPA Research Assistant Katerina Mpelmpa is a Social & Cultural Anthropologist, Researcher, and Writer from Athens-Greece. She has professional experience in the medical industry and in the Logistics field. She is currently a Key Activist for a Non-profit -Research organisation in India while she is in collaboration with different companies as a content creator. She has her own page on social media with self-made quotes regarding human life, diversity, and anthropology. She will dedicate her life to research and writing for anthropological & human issues, while she is planning for the next academic step.

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